Put simple, Creek helps users and organisations quickly develop business functionality, utilising a microservice architecture, running on top of Apache Kafka® and other external services.

If you’re new to Creek, then we’d suggest one of these approaches to getting started, Ordered by simplicity, with the easiest at the top:

  1. Try out a tutorial. The recommended quick-start tutorial series would be:
    1. Basic Kafka Streams Tutorial
    2. Kafka Streams Connecting Services Tutorial
    3. Kafka Streams Aggregate API tutorial.

    or head on over to the Tutorials page for a full list, or

  2. Use a template repository: Dive into the Creek aggregate template repository. Let the template do all the hard work of bootstrapping and configuring a new repository, ready to develop, build and test your microservices, (how to use the template repo is covered in the Basic Kafka Streams Tutorial), or
  3. Create your own template repository: Clone and customise the Creek aggregate template repository, to better meet your organisations needs.
  4. Wait for docs: Wait for use to get around to writing docs for manually adding Creek to a repository.
  5. Unpick the aggregate template: Use the Creek aggregate template repository as documentation of how to manually add Creek to an existing project.