This micro-site reports the results of a feature and performance comparison of different JVM-based implementations of a JSON schema validator.

Note: The full list of JVM-based & non-JVM based implementations of a JSON schema validator can be found on the main JSON Schema site’s implementations page

Note: The source code for the feature testing and performance benchmarking can be found   on GitHub

The results show in this micro-site were last calculated on May 15, 2024

The initial purpose of this comparison was to provide information to drive the decision on which JSON validation library Creek should make use of. However, the code and the results are shared to help others who are faced with a similar decision.

The results shown in the tables and charts in this mico-site update automatically as new versions of implementations are released and as the standard JSON Schema test suite is updated by the community. It will not update as new JSON schema specifications are released without a back-end code change.

Read on to view which implementations are under test and the results of their functional and performance comparison.

Note: The author of this repository is not affiliated with any of the implementations covered by this test suite. Update 2024/02/01: For full transparency, SchemaFriend has just asked me to collaborate to help keep the libraries dependencies up to date.