This tutorial builds on the Basic Kafka Streams demo. If you have completed the previous demo you can use that repository for working through this tutorial: skip to the nex step. Otherwise, follow the steps below to create your own copy of the completed tutorial:

Create your own copy of the previous demo

  1. Click   Use this template to create a new repository, and fill in the details:
    Create new aggregate repo
  2. When GitHub creates the new repo, a boostrap workflow will run to customise the new repository. Wait for this workflow to complete in the Actions tab:
    Wait for boostrap workflow
  3. Clone the new repository locally.
  4. Finish the initialisation of the repository by running the script from the root of the repository.


    The clean-up script will finish off the customisation of the new repository, removing now redundant workflows, scripts and code.

  5. Commit the changes back to the GitHub
    git add -A
    git commit -m "clean_up script"
    git push

The repository is now ready for the second service to be added, which will be covered in the next step.