This is the last in the quick-start series of tutorials. The series was designed to give a brief introduction to the core features and design principles of Creek. If you’ve not already read the other parts, they’re recommended. Part one, Basic Kafka Streams Tutorial, is the “hello world” of Creek, giving a tour of the core features. Part two, Kafka Streams: Connecting Services, covers connecting services within an aggregate together.

Additional tutorials will be added over time. These can be found on the tutorials page.

If you’re ready to jump in and start using Creek, then we’d suggest you head on over a read the documentation on the aggregate template next and then get building.

The payloads used in this tutorial were simple types like Integer and String. Obviously, this massively limits Creek’s utility and is why Creek is still in alpha release. Work to extend this to more complex types using, schema validated, JSON serialization, will be starting soon .